Pre-judicial Phase:

  • Advice previous the judicial procedure, in order to analyse the strategy to be followed in pursuing the Client’s interests on a claim, feasibility / suitability analysis of a court claim (economic reasonableness; patrimonial situation of the counterparty).
  • Extra-judicial claims urging the client interests’ satisfaction.
  • Direct negotiations with the counterpart, seeking an agile, effective and efficient solution to the conflict, safeguarding the interests of the client, preparation and drafting of the out-of-court agreement.

Judicial Phase:

  • Civil Jurisdiction, Contentious-Administrative and Commercial (Bankruptcy Law, Competition Law, Industrial / Intellectual Property, Advertising).
  • Preparation, drafting and presentation of Lawsuits, Claims or Answers to Complaints. Also appeals and judicial papers, where appropriate, on any judicial or court instance, attendance at the hearings and trials, from the start of the lawsuit to the final ruling of a Court and the corresponding execution of the Court resolution when required.


  • Arbitration before Spanish national institutions or bodies (CIMA, CEA, Chambers of Commerce, etc.) and international institutions (ICC Paris, FCI, LCIA, NYIAC, etc.)
  • Conduct of arbitration when in the jurisdiction agreed by the parties, from the realisation of the conflict, jurisdictional objections, and – Statement of Claim or Statement of Defence -to the issuance of the Award


  • Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Challenge and Recognition of Debts.
  • Defence of the Rights of Creditors
  • Conduct of the Bankruptcy Administration.
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